The Lacoste Polo shirt-a man's man's signature

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לפני 12 ימים ו- 9 שעות

The Lacoste Polo shirt-a man's man's signature So popula r is the Lacoste Polo shirt, today, tennis player, Polo player, even players can see in them, and millions of others worldwide. Of course, the Lacoste Polo shirt has a charming, evolution story-about an ambitious visionary, professional story, tennis player to recreational and fashionable czar, creates the world famous crocodile Polo shirt... In LaKeSi •, Michael. As LaKeSi, at the top of the line in the world, in the leisure, men's clothing fashionable brand sportswear player, is in LaKeSi • of tennis champion-professional, from the middle of the players in the 20 s. (white), in LaKeSi •, create and in the 1926 U.S. open tennis tournament, he won the wear that we enjoy today Lacoste Polo unlined upper garment of a direct descendant of. Never boring and uncomfortable, white long-sleeved fix tennis player wears shirt laugh, and le LaKeSi within the set, create •, today be regarded as idols, sportswear fashion symbol-his first line of Lacoste Polo shirt. Liu if English new white line, loose knitting Lacoste Polo unlined upper garment of cotton characteristic soft, flat and open collar and a long tail. (now, the world recognized), "alligator" mark to be added in 1927 or so, spectacular, the style is new, the horse Lacoste shirt ball. He retired from international tennis, shortly after LaKeSi joined in, caleb • designer friend, French knitwear giants, Andre Gillier President in 1933, their partnership Lacoste Polo unlined upper garment of promoting, even higher level. Although credit must go in LaKeSi •, caleb, the Lacoste Polo shirt the remarkable achievement, this is his son, Bernard • LaKeSi since the early s, has turned to Lacoste and giant, lifestyle brand, it is today. The Lacoste Polo shirt, LaKeSi • from within, first launched the white a long way to go. Today, the Lacoste Polo unlined upper garment is a complex, since the color the widely. Different knitting, cotton bead to mesh cloth in his original white crocodiles Polo shirt, cotton crocodile Polo shirt anger today, use, weave, after a series of tests, using tips, fabric technology. This is beyond doubt, unique and comfortable, make more breathable fabric, let Lacoste horse ball shirt today one of the major factors. , not only significant LaKeSi Polo unlined upper garment, the identity, but also contributed to the remarkable success factor is the Lacoste Polo unlined upper garment of all the positive cherubim "alligator" signs. (logo design is by Robert George Taylor in LaKeSi •, in the late 1920's friend). The Lacoste Polo shirt is in a broad range, rich, mature, self color and size. They are the best, the quality level both in 100% cotton or synthetic fiber blended fabric, production. The Lacoste Polo unlined upper garment also is easy to clean and will never fade. The Lacoste Polo shirt all the crocodile stores to buy, and high-end department stores and boutiques around the world. They can buy well-known online clothing store. If there is a man of leisure sportswear line, this is really worth "symbol of status" title, it is the Lacoste Polo shirt. Again, the Lacoste Polo shirt is not just status symbol... They are indelible, the signature is a man's man.

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